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We all like great deals, and I'm running two great deals at the moment.

The complete series of "Welcome to the Apocalypse" and

"The Shivers Novellas Vol 1-3" are now available to buy as ebook bundles.

For fans of...

*Michael Chrichton thrillers

*The Hunger Games trilogy

*The Matrix movies

*Ready Player one

Contains the Amazon #1 best-seller in Post-Apocalyptic fiction.

3 books, over 900 pages of sci-fi adventure one reviewer called "The Hunger Games meets Jumanji".

Book One – Pandora
Kelly, Jack, and Reis sign up to play The Apocalypse Games, a state of the art virtual game. When the game traps them and the other players inside a never-ending cycle of apocalypses, there’s reason to worry – their simulation pods are designed to last 3 days, and the artificial intelligence they call Pandora is taking over. Now the A.I. is dredging up  memories of why Kelly, Jack, and Reis entered the game in the first place. With no communication in or out, can they hold on until rescue arrives? Or will the A.I. give them a reason to never want to escape reality again?

Book Two – CyberNexis
Kelly, Jack and Reis find themselves transported to an offsite facility hundreds of miles away to recover from cyber sickness, where they learn the reason for the malfunction. Now, they must begin the long journey home. This journey leads them across a hostile landscape back to CyberNexis, the facility where the games were held. Instead of answers, more questions arise. Why were they sent hundreds of miles away? What is CyberNexis hiding? And why do some players want to get back inside the game?

Book Three – Primal Scream
The disaster known as The Event has plunged the world into icy darkness. Humans can’t survive but a group of mutants can, thanks to the virus known as Primal Scream. It's clear these mutants will survive long enough to reclaim the planet. Now Kelly, Jack, and Reis are faced with a choice. Join the mutants or hope humanity can find a way to endure the disaster.

If you like sci-fi adventure, multiple apocalyptic scenarios, complex characters, and unique plotlines then you'll enjoy D L Richardson's complete Welcome to the Apocalypse series. Grab your copy today.


She refused to grant him forgiveness. Now he's back from the dead to claim it.
Could you betray your sister to bring peace to the dead?
The show must go one. Even if a monster is killing all the performers.

The Shivers Novellas are spine-chilling tales and this collection features the first 3 volumes.

Poison in the Pond
Karen escapes with her life after being held hostage by a mad man. He gets life behind bars and she gets a chance to heal and move on. But Karen can't escape the nightmare that follows when he contacts her from prison to beg forgiveness. She refuses to give it, and as a result, she's plunged into a world where there are things in the dark that even the bad guys are afraid of. What's the price of forgiveness? In this case, it's everything.

Evil in the Embers
After a fifteen-year absence, Jenny returns to her summer holiday destination. She’s excited to find her summer crush is still living in town, and he offers to show her around. Soon, ghostly images appear in her photos and nightmares plague her sleep. When her sister arrives in town, past jealousies are dredged up. And so is a terrible secret that will have Jenny wondering what really happened over those summer holidays. It’s too late to escape this nightmare because her presence has already begun to unlock the secrets. The ghosts are coming back for their revenge. Can Jenny betray her sister to bring peace to the dead? Or will they come for her instead?

Danger in the Dirt
Elijah has lost his home, his job, and his girlfriend. Desperate to get his luck back on track, he plans to stage a 'Wild West' show that his grandfather used to run. But it's opening night and three show hands have disappeared. Faced with a vengeful demon that will ruin him financially, Elijah must decide if he can face financial ruin or test his luck further by pushing on with the show. When the beast shows up to take his revenge, Elijah learns how the beast is linked to the curse that has plagued his family. Can he escape the curse by making a deal with the devil, or will he sacrifice his soul to end it?

If you like creepy stories with lots of twists and ah-hah moments, then you’ll like The Shivers Novellas. Buy your copy today, but read with the lights on…


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