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One woman has the power to save humanity. She also has the power to destroy it.

They came from space. They came to save us. 300 years later, Earth is still under alien occupation but we are also at peace. How? We abide by the strict rules imposed by the aliens. In exchange, they let us enjoy carefree lives without poverty and hunger.

Except we are lying to them. For hundreds of years, we have locked people away in hidden cities, people who will become humanity's salvation, out of sight of the aliens in defiance of their strict population control laws.

But the aliens are lying to us too. They promised us interstellar travel so we could get off this dying planet, yet they refuse to deliver it.

Kethryn Miller is a high-profile celebrity caught in a web of lies when someone escapes from a hidden city. Revealing the truth will destroy millions of lives. But keeping the secrets will destroy the truth. Whatever path she takes, one thing is certain. The privileged life she once had is over.

If you like sci-fi thrillers that turn conventional ideas about space exploration on their head, stories with twists and turns, and thought-provoking reads, then you'll enjoy D L Richardson's first book in the Earth Quarantined series.

Earth Quarantined – Book 1 is OUT NOW
Earth Arrested - Book 2 is coming soon
Earth Reclaimed - Book 3 is coming soon

"Each side hides secrets from each other and the author cleverly reveals each one as the story progresses."

"A sci-fi thriller that manages to turn conventional ideas about space exploration, global conflict and even freedom itself on their head. Fans of Nick Webb may find a new favorite in D.L. Richardson."

"Earth Quarantined is unpredictable and extremeley engaging. I was fully captivated by the futuristic world that D L Richardson has creatively built. Readers will find Earth Quarantined to be compelling, thought provoking, and gripping"

"Book had me guessing until the end. Well thought out plot."

"This is a unique take on the alien invasion trope, with the Criterion advocate, Aries, standing out as the star."

"Author D.L. Richardson takes a really interesting concept here, subverting the ideas of both alien invasion and space travel to make Earth and its inhabitants into the captive species."

“Told from several points of view, humans and aliens, the story moves along quickly as tension builds, leading to an unknown future, different from anything humans have experienced since the arrival of the Criterion. Short chapters keep the pace lively and I found myself reading faster and faster, eager to find out what would happen next. Now, I’m eagerly anticipating Book 2, Earth Arrested.”

"I found this science fiction novel exceptionally engrossing, and can't wait to read it again."


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