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Over 100 players enter a virtual world to play a game – survive 24 hours of their chosen apocalypse. Instead of game over at the end, they’re plunged straight into another game, and then another. 

They have no communication with the outside operators. Their simulation pods are designed to only last 3 days. The artificial intelligence is tapping into their minds and creating ‘death dreams’. And they’re trapped in a dangerous world with strangers they can’t trust.

It’s clear something is keeping them inside the game, but who or what? Everyone dreams of escaping reality but this game has far greater risks than they could have imagined…


Their perilous journey continues.


Getting out of the failed virtual game of apocalypses used to be all that mattered. Now the players are far from home, the world is in ruins from a disaster known as The Event, and the game doesn't seem so bad anymore.


Not yet fully recovered from cyber sickness and muscle dystrophy, they’re evacuated out of their recovery center to find their families - if they’re still alive. But there’s a whole set of new rules and new alliances to forge. And there’s a new breed of people who want to take over the devastated lands.


Costly decisions will be made on their way home and loved ones will die. Now more than ever they need to rely on each other to make it home.


Read the exciting final conclusion to the trilogy.


The Event that caused the virtual game to malfunction has plunged the world into icy darkness. Technology is gone, food is scarce and while many survivors have settled into evacuation centers, many more have not.


Then there is a group of people who hold the secret to humanity’s survival. The Nexis, except they're not quite human. From the very beginning, the player’s goal was to get home. Along the way, they will have choices to make, secrets to expose or keep, sides to choose, and some will forge their own path.


But all will face a harsh reality. Their lives are changed forever. And home is where they least expect to find it.

“I’m exhausted after reading this roller coaster of a novel. I kept finding myself holding my breath at times. Love the main three characters.”

"A subtle sense of humor, a speedy thriller with tons of unexpected moments, a frisson of anxiety over control by a computer, and really intense characterizations of individuals who can't help eliciting readers' empathy and understanding."

"The suspense is biting and the reader can feel the pulse of the characters. From the very first to the last page, the story is emotionally charged, the action intense, and the conflict driving the plot forward."


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