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D L Richardson writes science fiction and supernatural thrillers. Her goal when she started writing was to be a prolific author, and now with a slew of books to her name, she has achieved it. Her stories feature unique perspectives on 'what if' scenarios.

She grew up watching and reading 80s sci-fi and horror. 

She loves meeting readers and writers, and often conducts writing workshops, appears on panels at writing festivals, and regularly attends the comic book conventions in her state. When she's not writing, she can be found in the yard or walking on the beach, on the couch reading or watching Netflix, in the music room, or walking the dog. 

Born in Ireland, she lives in Australia with her husband and dog.


I started writing in 1996, about the same time I was thinking of quitting playing in a band. I sold my bass guitar and amplifier and bought an electric typewriter. My influences at that time were Dean Koontz, Stephen King, and Anne Rice. It's no wonder my first published works contained supernatural themes - ghosts, guardian angels, magic, demons, monsters, and psycho killers. 

My first novel, "The Bird with the Broken Wing" was published in 2011. It was a young adult fantasy/drama story. I published 2 more young adult titles, "Feedback", (later re-titled "Resident Spy"), and "Little Red Gem", (later re-titled "One Little Spell"). Then I decided I wanted to write stories for adults, stories with more scare and evil. So I overhauled the first novel I ever wrote, "Poison in the Pond", and it became the start of my "Shivers novellas" series. There are 3 titles to date, with more planned.

Another great influence of mine is science fiction. I grew up watching Logan's Run, Planet of the Apes, Space 1999, Bionic Woman. Writing science fiction was a natural progression. I started out with a few short stories, then I penned my first apocalyptic sci-if novel "Welcome to the Apocalypse". There are now 3 titles in this series.

Keeping up with the sci-fi genre, I wrote "Earth Quarantined". It was a story that had sat around on my computer for a while. It had been written and re-written a few times. Finally I went back to it and finished it, except that the story evolved as I wrote it, so this is now part of a series.

I'm currently writing a post-apocalyptic series for Mission Critical Publishing, so the"Earth Quarantined" follow-up books are on hold, but I aim to have Book 2 and Book 3 out in 2020.



I used to play bass guitar and sing lead vocals in a rock band.

I was born in Ireland but came to Australia as a baby. I've lived here ever since.

I love skiing and camping.

There is more coffee in me than blood.

My dream job would be to play with puppies all day.


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