4 short sci-fi stories

Four sci-fi short stories from the author of Welcome to the Apocalypse series.

Slip Stream - Captain Kim Orbison receives a mayday to rescue a warship, but she's carrying flu patients on board her medical ship and risks pandemic flu if she diverts. Plus her ship doesn't have the resources to make the trip there and back home. But when she learns her father is on board, she has no choice but to rescue him and risk the lives of everyone on board her ship because the diversion now means she has to return home through a stretch of space inhabited by pirates. Reuniting with her father will risk her career and the lives of those on board, but it also opens up an opportunity for the United Planets when she devises a clever plan to outwit the pirates.

A Brave New Digital World - Thirty years ago the Genetically Enhanced Artificial Modifications program was initiated. Meant to help those with learning development issues but once word got out that it made everyone faster, better, smarter, upgrades of smart phones were Out, and In was upgrades of the mind and body. Three hundred people out of a job just like that. Unless they too got the upgrade. But what if you couldn't get upgraded?

Battle for Arturia - The Arturian Millennium War between the sky dwellers and the ground people are about to come to an end with the capture of the man behind felling a sky city, a man known as Spider. The leader of the sky dwellers, Sienna Dresden, sees this capture as an opportunity to bring peace. The fighting must come to an end and only the Spider and Sienna can stop it. But is Sienna about to fall into another of the Spider's traps?

A Lesson in Time Management - What better way to assist your past self in speeding up a secret project than by faking a laboratory accident with the very time-travel machine you've created.