Books 1 to 3 of the The Apocalypse Games

All three THE APOCALYPSE GAMES books, with over 800 pages of sci-fi action, are offered in one book.


A Virtual Game Malfunctions...

Friends Lose Friends and Choose Sides...

The World is Changed Forever...


Kelly Lawrence is a grieving widow. Jack Minnow is a website designer. Reis Anderson is the son of a senator. These three friends have their own reasons for signing up to The Apocalypse Games, a new virtual reality experience designed to prepare people for any number of catastrophic scenarios.


But nothing will prepare them for what happens on launch day when the computer malfunctions, trapping over a hundred players inside a never-ending cycle of apocalypses.


Surviving the game is one thing: there's an even greater threat facing them outside.


From the very beginning, Kelly, Jack, and Reis have had one goal: to get home and not lose their moral compass inside these harsh virtual worlds. Along the way these three friends will face tough choices, have secrets to expose or keep, sides to choose from, and some will forge their own path. But all will face a harsh reality. Their lives are changed forever and home is where they least expect to find it.


If you like sci-fi adventure, multiple apocalyptic scenarios, complex characters, and unique plotlines then you'll enjoy D L Richardson's complete Welcome to the Apocalypse series. Grab your copy today.


Previously published as individual titles, Welcome to the Apocalypse Books 1 through 3

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This bundle contains these 3 books



“What a trip!! Incredible trilogy of books! You start off in a video simulation of your choice....setting, alone, with a group etc. Then the fun begins!! What begins as a group game turns into chaos! A brother trying to help his sibling get past her depression from her hubby who died recently, joins her in the opening day of the simulation game. I couldn't stop reading into the wee hours as it draws you in!! What a game! What a book series!!!! You gotta read it!!"

Amazon reviewer

“I liked that this is not the usual post-apocalyptic plot and the fact that the books are all together in one box set so I could just sit and read. The world building is done very well and so it’s easy to picture and follow along with. The characters are also well rounded and have some depth to them. This is a wonderful story and a must read if this is your genre." Amazon reviewer

“Oh to binge read these awesome books! I love it! Every book in this series is really great. This is a very original story from your typical post-apocalyptic story and you just have to read all three to understand just how fantastic they are! Highly recommended." Amazon reviewer

"A brilliant read. Jack was my favourite character." GOODREADS

"I did enjoy the adventures of the characters in and out of the games." GOODREADS

"Welcome to the Apocalypse is a great intense box set. I love the way it blends into the perfect story with perfect characters." GOODREADS