Book 1 of The Apocalypse Games 

Players get more than they can handle when a virtual game of apocalypses malfunctions, trapping them inside the game with no communication in or out.

Kelly, Jack, and Reis are three friends from San Diego, each with their own reasons for signing up to The Apocalypse Games, a virtual reality game designed to prepare people for any number of catastrophic scenarios. But nothing will prepare them for what happens on launch day when the computer malfunctions, trapping over a hundred players inside a never-ending cycle of apocalypses.

Escaping reality is what these players wanted, but not like this. These simulation pods are designed to last 3 days, there’s no communication in or out, and the A.I. is evolving.

They name the artificial intelligence controlling the game Pandora, and the longer they stayed hooked up to her, the more she digs inside their minds. Can they get out of the game before Pandora gets too deep and forces them to confront the reason they entered this virtual world?

Pandora is the first book in The Apocalypse Games, a sci-fi adventure trilogy featuring multiple apocalyptic scenarios as well as compelling characters. If you liked The 100 and The Hunger Games you’ll love this series.

Buy Pandora today to start reading this unique look at a post-apocalyptic world.

​​​​​​​(Previously published as Welcome to the Apocalypse)

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“This was a great read. It's unique and exciting and I'm looking forward to the next one.”

A Book Lovers Life

"A subtle sense of humor, a speedy thriller with tons of unexpected moments, a frisson of anxiety over control by a computer, and really intense characterizations of individuals who can't help eliciting readers' empathy and understanding."

The Haunted Reading Room

"The action is constant, the creativity laudable and the characters are thoroughly believable making this a very enjoyable read."

T. E. Mark, author

“I’m exhausted after reading this roller coaster of a novel. I kept finding myself holding my breath at times. Love the main three characters.”

Carol F, Netgalley

"The suspense is biting and the reader can feel the pulse of the characters. From the very first to the last page, the story is emotionally charged, the action intense, and the conflict driving the plot forward."

Readers Favorite

“I really, really liked this book. The concept and plot was so different to any dystopian novel I’ve ever come across.”

Rachel Sawyer blog

"Its not just another carbon copy of every other book out there.The best part in my opinion was a realistic main character with real feelings. "

Amazon reviewer

"DL Richardson shows how much she has researched different apocalyptic situations that would blow the most hard-core survivalist away, and just when you think she's covered every single kind... she brings another out from the magic box!"

Chris Johnson