Book 3 The Apocalypse Games

Whatever happened inside the simulation pods, it was not a game. Now the pods have one final secret to reveal; the survival of humanity.


Getting home is the mission of all the survivors. Safely, because the Event that caused The Apocalypse Games to malfunction has plunged the world into icy darkness. Technology is gone. Food is scarce. And while many survivors have settled into evacuation centers, many more have not.

Jack remained behind at NASA while he was dealing with the news that the woman of his dreams didn’t survive the game. But he can’t stay at the NASA complex forever. The crew want to brave the dangers to find their families. Easy for them, Jack’s family was on the coast which is now under water from tsunamis.

Kelly’s journey home is delayed by an injury. The only thing that can help her is the simulation pods at CyberNexis. Here, she learns the secret they’re hiding about the death of her husband. But Kelly is hiding a bigger secret and the desire to make it home is strong.

While holing up in CyberNexis, Reis learns that his mother has been abducted by the aggressive group of people called primals. These people were in the simulation pods before the players, and something went disastrously wrong with them. Reis leaves to rescue his mother, and he discovers that the primals aren’t what he thought. They just may hold the secret to humanity’s survival.

If you like post-apocalyptic sagas, stories of survival with strong family ties, and characters with a moral compass that often is tested, then you’ll love Chrysalis, the final instalment in The Apocalypse Games trilogy.

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(Previously published as Welcome to the Apocalypse)

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"This is an ensemble piece with three, often four different, intertwined scenarios happening simultaneously. I like this type of story design and applaud authors who can pull it off without confusing the reader.
I had no difficulty following the varying paths laid out by the author." AMAZON