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Book 2 of The Apocalypse Games

Those who survived the game are now trying to make it home. But nothing they learned inside the virtual world will prepare them for the catastrophe outside.

Many players survived the failed virtual reality game. Some did not. Those who survived discover they’ve been transported to a NASA facility hundreds of miles away for their recovery. It is here they learn the reason for the malfunction: a catastrophic global event has plunged the world into chaos.

Now the survivors must make the long journey home. Kelly and Reis leave for San Diego, while Jack remains behind. On their journey, Kelly and Reis learn of a new threat, one that stands between them and their homes. A group of aggressive warriors, known as primals, are running wild and killing anyone in their path.

There is something about these primals, and clues lead Reis to suspect the answer can be found in a facility called CyberNexis, where the virtual reality game was held. He and Kelly head for CyberNexis to uncover the truth about the simulation pods and human experiments. Can they stop this new threat before it takes over the world?

Meanwhile Jack is facing the toughest choice of his life. Some players are still trapped in the game, players who are alive only while they’re hooked up to the simulations pods. One of these is the woman he’s fallen in love with. The game almost killed him. But will he let her die without saying goodbye?

CyberNexis is the second book in The Apocalypse Games, a sci-fi adventure trilogy featuring multiple apocalyptic scenarios as well as compelling characters. If you liked The 100 and The Hunger Games, and if you like survival stories about friendship and tough choices, you’ll love this series.

Buy CyberNexis today to continue reading this unique take on a post-apocalyptic world.

(Previously published as Welcome to the Apocalypse)

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Book 2 - The Apocalypse Games - CyberNexis



"I enjoyed this installment of the series, and yes, there appears to be a third book coming – Welcome to the Apocalypse – Primal Scream (yay!) I enjoyed that a good portion of the story was set in my state near where I live and work. Of course, I compared for accuracy and found big differences, but who knows how the landscape would have changed after a supervolcano erupted, right? I recommend this book and this series but readers do need to have read the first book in the series to enjoy this one." AMAZON

"Ms Richardson also keeps you guessing and questioning your assumptions as you move along which makes this a fun read and a definite page-turner. (I literally stayed up two nights until dawn craving the finish line.) I give this an easy 5-star review as it kept me guessing and questioning my conclusions throughout." AMAZON

"After reading Book 1, I couldn't wait to find out what Pandora had in store for Kelly, Jack and Reis. Well, definitely not what I thought. Great story, lots of twists and turns... when is Book 3 out?!" AMAZON

"I picked up the last two books at the same time because I have dove right into book three because I cannot wait to see how this ends. This is a great series and the first two books were so great with twist that came out of no where and I am looking forward to seeing where this road of apocalypse ends." GOODREADS

"This book will make your head spin as one hundred players get hooked up to a computer with only one goal... TO SURVIVE THE NEXT 24 HOURS IF YOU CAN!" GOODREADS

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