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From aliens to ghost stories,  from guardian angels to apocalypses, D L Richardson writes a range of stories for fans of fantasy, supernatural, and science fiction for kids and adults. If you love unique plots with twists, then you'll love these books. Click on any of the images to read more. 

YA standalone titles - grab your copy now


A guardian angel will break all the rules to save a mortal's soul. she doesn't realize it might not be his soul that needs saving.

One little Spell v2.jpg

Magic can reunite this teenage ghost with her true love. The problem is she can't return from the afterlife in her own body.


Three teens got life saving organ transplants. Now someone wants them back.

For readers aged 8 - 12 

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This little dog is in big trouble when he stumbles upon a secret world of cats. Now he must win a race to save all the cats.