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From aliens to ghost stories,  from guardian angels to apocalypses, D L Richardson writes a range of stories for fans of fantasy, supernatural, and science fiction for kids and adults. If you love unique plots with twists, then you'll love these books. Click on any of the images to read more. 

Sci-fi dystopian series - Book 1 and Book 2 out now. Book 3 coming next.

Earth Quarantiend book1 new version e.jpg

Aliens placed Earth under quarantine. Two women can bring us our freedom. Or they can bring total annihilation.

Earth Arrested book 2 new version E.jpg

We are fighting for our freedom. The aliens are fighting back. And they are bringing reinforcements.

Earth Reclaimed new version e.jpg

Our goal was to get away from the alien oppressors, yet we are more connected than we could ever imagine.

Sci-fi adventure series - complete series available now

The Apocalypse Games Book 1 NEW ebook.jpg

Trapped in a virtual game, 3 friends battle the odds to stay alive until rescue arrives. But when nothing is real, does what you do matter?

Apoc Games 2 NEW e.jpg

They know why the game malfunctioned. But they never expected what was waiting for them when they got out.

Apoc Games 3 NEW e.jpg

The players have a long journey ahead of them. Lives will be lost. Friendships will be tested. And home won't be what it used to be.

Apoc Games 1 to 3 NEW e.jpg

Also available as a 3 book bundle on ebook

and paperback.

Over 800 pages of sci-fi virtual reality,

post-apocalyptic adventure

A Virtual Game Malfunctions...

Friends Lose Friends and Choose Sides...

The World is Changed Forever...


4 short sci-fi stories

A mayday call puts this ship in the direct line of pirates...

When humans become upgraded, not everyone is eligible...

The war between sky dwellers and ground dwellers is about to come to an end...

A time traveler helps her past self in a plot to take over the world...

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