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About the book:

Harry is a small dog who passionately wants to be the best at everything he does, but there are some things he doesn’t enjoy, like swimming. In fact, it scares him. But he’s up to the challenge when it means saving the lives of his new friends from Cat World.


After years of writing books for young adults and adults, I'm launching a middle-grade fiction book. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, I never wanted to be a writer who was pigeon-holed into one style. Secondly, a lot of my readers have kids and grandkids. This seems a great way for my readers to share their love of books with young readers.


DOG TOWN is set on the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia.


The story came to me in a dream. A small dog named Harry, who loved to run, found himself lost in a strange town. Harry’s best friend, Junior, was very sad about his disappearance. In this dream, the small dogs and big dogs lived apart, and cats were extinct. This formed the basis of Dog Town.


The Dog Paddle Challenge in Dog Town is based on a real race called the annual Scotland Island Dog Race. This event is a doggie-paddle race of 600 metres from Scotland Island to the ferry jetty at Church Point, in Sydney’s northern beaches. The entry fee is a tin of dog food and the winning dog of each category takes all. There is only one rule: the owners must accompany their dog in the race, either by swimming, or on kayak or body-board, but the dogs must swim the race. And the dogs love it. I watched this race one year, and saw how much fun the dogs had. I simply had to include the race in this book.


In 2019, a cat entered the race for the first time.


If you'd like to buy a signed copy of Dog Town you can send a payment to me at and simply type in the amount. I will post the book/s to you. If you want individual books signed to different people, please write down names in the notes section, otherwise I will sign it to the purchasing name.

Dog Town paperback $20 per book (postage included within Australia only) OR

                                     $50 for 3 books (postage included within Australia only)

Dog Town ebook is $2.99 (mobi and epub files included)


Please query for international postage.


* All prices in Australian dollars    


This early review is wonderful and I hope you like it too. 

5 stars "There’s a lot to like in this gem of a story. The underlying secret that carries this story to a compelling resolution has a powerful message for readers, young and old alike: don’t let disagreements fester and don’t avoid apologies. We all make mistakes, we all say and do things we didn’t really mean, but we must own up to our misdeeds and apologize – sooner rather than later. A really fun read. Loved it." Readers Favorite 

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